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Shalom is attempting to support youth that are resourcing themselves on the streets and have nowhere to look for support. They need care, attention, and basic help during this time.

Shalom is serving the community by keeping the restaurant open and engaging with the town leadership and community to support their efforts

Shalom is training children and youth on how this strain of Corona Virus spreads and how to wash hands, making sure they have soap and are helping each other to be healthy

Shalom is attempting to feed all 50 children and youth housed at Shalom during this time, provide for the restaurant, feed staff, and have backup supply for the community if the situation gets worse





COVID Actions


At the start of April, we asked you to give to help Shalom raise funds to specifically address the needs of ministering during the time of lockdown in Kotido and preparation for an outbreak.

You gave generously and we raised $3,600 for the youth and children!

There is still more to be done so read below for what is being done and donate now.

On behalf of shalom, I would like to say, we are so thankful to God who have sustained shalom and our dear lives. We are grateful to be part of those that God is using to show unconditional love to the world (Karamoja and the jie people). The Corona virus has not reached Kotido yet but we are concerned that it will and already the government (local and national) are restricting travel and gatherings.

So far we have taken the following measures:

  1. Purchase and put in place hand washing facility with soap that can help disinfect our hands for incase one got in contact with contaminated objects

  2. We have decided to NOT allow our children out of the home for the next 14 days, starting from 1st. April 2020 to 14th.April. This restriction may be lifted off or increase after the 14 days depending on what is going to be like for Uganda as a whole

  3. We have also decided to restrict the number of people who come into shalom home, for now only Rainbow’s family, Denise and our Driver and one senior builder is allowed in

  4. We also went ahead and made arrangement with a Doctor from Kotido health center to be providing medical treatment to children who have been falling sickly

  5. Rainbow’s family is on standby to move into shalom home once we hear of any case in Kotido and we shall only have our Driver outside for the purpose of helping to buy supplies in town.

Any support given to Shalom will always go the those that need it most and it’s the name we have made for ourselves in Kotido,  we share every little bit of resources to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children and youth in Kotido.

We gladly welcome you to join hand with us as we continue to serve our community.

Rainbow Mike

Director of SRM

Shalom's response to COVID-19



We need help to be able to provide 3 meals each day for all the children and staff serving at Shalom Home. We would like to meet the current need for food and also have some extra food kept in the store for the next three months as we watch the situation.



We have current medical bills that we haven’t paid for and children have been falling sick of malaria, diarrhea and some other infections that are being manged through treatment from a private clinic. However, am sad to say almost all privates’ clinics in Kotido are running out of drugs since movement  of drugs have been restrict except for trucks transporting food into Kotido. The government health facility doesn’t have enough medicine to meet the demand of the population and in most cases, there is either no doctor or doctors are available but no medicine to treat patience. We would like to stock some test trips for Malaria and drugs for treating some of the manageable diseases with help from Dr. Maxwell and one of our sponsored youth who is currently training to be a nurse.



We are helping all those staying at Shalom to be able to wash their hands frequently. Shalom would like to be a blessing to the Jie community by helping to provide fuel for Ambulance to transport people who may be suspected to have got Corona Virus for test in Entebbe. At the moment the District taskforce are not even having enough funds to  fuel ambulance or other cars that should take doctors and other volunteers to sensitize our community about Corona Virus.



There is estimated number of 100+ children currently living on the street of Kotido. Most of whom are children ranging from 3 years to 18+ . Some of these children have been approaching me for help with just some thing for a bite, it’s hard to see them starving and I would like to say this would be the right time for Shalom to extend Shalom to these vulnerable children, reach out and show Christ’s love and care at the time when they most need help.

*We hope and pray that COVID does not reach Kotido and Shalom. All unused funds received for the COVID-19 response will be used to help strengthen Shalom and pay for immediate needs at Shalom Home for all the youth and children.

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