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Contribute to Shalom's sponsorship program to help every student achieve their potential. Shalom is committed to ensuring each student is sponsored to at least a secondary-level education.

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Purpose of sponsorship

The purpose of the sponsorship program is to help provide the basic needs for a child in Kotido, Uganda in order to give them the support and tools they need to improve their lives. This is done through helping a child go to school full-time.At school they receive meals and learn about the environment, Ugandan history, math, English, and the sciences.  To be in school is still a privilege and not a right in Karamoja! Our commitment is to ensure they have the support they need to finish a high-school equivalent education.Almost all students are sent to boarding school if they are old enough to alleviate pressure on the children's home and reduce costs.


Cost of sponsorship and how the money is spent

In order to be able to make the process of sponsorship easier, we have averaged fees for primary and secondary school and set one sponsorship amount of $45 per student per month.  This works out to $540 per year.  After the fourth year of secondary, students must specialize and attend either trade schools or further secondary school, which costs more for the ministry to support but Shalom has chosen to average all the costs into one monthly amount.

Sponsorship covers:

  1. School Fees

  2. Transport and costs between terms

  3. School Supplies and Uniforms

  4. Living and boarding supplies



On average, it costs Shalom $45 per month to pay for each student. If you would like to sponsor more than one student, please do!

  1. To pay immediately please follow the links to pay with a credit card or PayPal based on what period of time you want to pay for. For other payment options, please email our team.

  2. If you paid online, once the payment has processed, you will receive a confirmation email and our sponsor team will be available to answer any questions you may have or you can go to the FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all of the children being sponsored living in Shalom Home?

No, only a small fraction of the children in the program live at the Home and a good many stay with relatives outside the Home.  Shalom Ministries is dedicated to helping as many children as possible (with a real need) to attend school and receive  hope they need to continue to succeed.


Who is organizing this on the USA end?

The size of Shalom allows for a small team of volunteers is facilitating all aspects of the ministry as Shalom Ministries International, a 501-c-3 organization. They are committed to the ongoing success of the project and will do everything they can to make sure it runs smoothly.

I want to set up a recurring payment, is that possible?

Yes. You can choose that option when you click on the sponsor or donate buttons and give through PayPal. Alternatively, you can setup automatic payments through your bank and send checks to Shalom's PO Box. Please contact your bank for their guidelines on the process for recurring payments and then contact Shalom to get Shalom's bank account details.


What if I want to end sponsorship?

Do to unforeseen circumstances or personal plans, we understand the need to end sponsorship commitments. We request you send us an email stating the reason and the time of your last payment.  Please give us one-month notice in order to adjust payments for the student cohort.


What happens once a student finishes high school?

Shalom Reconciliation Ministry has committed to support each child through a secondary education and to sit for their 0-level exams.  This is equivalent to a junior in high school in the US.  If the child wishes to continue their education, we will look for special sponsors that are willing to pay for degree programs.

Is the sponsorship a competitive process?

The initial intake for sponsorship is based on needs and Shalom gives priority to children and youth that are total orphans and lake any supportive network. Once a youth completes their secondary education, for them to be considered for post-secondary sponsorship, they must display exceptional ability to study and succeed in further study. Priority for post-secondary sponsorship goes to those in the program already but Shalom does consider other students if there is available rooms.

Can I sponsor an individual student?

Shalom has organized all the students into a group that sponsors can contribute towards to enable the entire cohort to continue their education year in and year out. Individual sponsorship is available to people that have visited Shalom and interacted with the youth and have a personal connection to a student. In such a case, Shalom will share communications and opportunities to support the student with other needs they may have.

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