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Listening to God

Shalom Reconciliation Ministry began in 2005 when I accepted the call to reach out to street children in Kotido. From that time on, Shalom has been primarily a walk of obedience as he has grown the ministry from a small handful of youth to what it is today: a growing family of children and youth that are caring for one another and learning how to follow God.

Rainbow Mike Okidi
Founder & Director
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I was once a vulnerable youth

I have a love for children, which makes it easy to contribute to Shalom since I was once a vulnerable youth and know what it is like to be in that state. Shalom continues to grow and gives me the opportunity to growth with it, experiencing new things all the time.

Irene Nkabelere
Finance Officer
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Showing a mother's love to children and youth

I love to work in Shalom because of the work that I do. I love to work with the kids because they take me as their mother. I also appreciate the family support that they are giving me in Shalom with my family.

Amolo Christine
Shalom Home Matron

Volunteering turned me into staff

While serving as a 3-month volunteer in 2019, God used the children at Shalom Home to bring healing to my heart and introduce a new purpose for my life. I’m excited to now be one of the mamas in the Shalom family and I pray I’m being used to the glory of God here in Karamoja.”

Denise Rainbow
Shalom HOPES Manager
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