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Beyond The RainBOW

OUR GOAL: $110,000

Thanks to routine givers and special one-time donations, we reached our Phase 1 goal! We are so excited to be able to reignite the construction of Shalom School in 2024! 

The next step will be to build and move the teachers and students from Shalom Home to the new school building. We will keep you updated as things progress. 

This is the most ambitious project Shalom has undertaken since Shalom started in 2005! The school will be called Beyond the Rainbow to fulfill its long-time vision to help youth be transformation agents in Kotido by providing life-changing education at an accessible cost for children and youth from the streets of Kotido!

All donations to this campaign are tax deductible and are made through Shalom Ministries as a non-profit 501 (c)-3


Phase 1 includes:

  1. Planned space for pre-school to Primary 6 (70 students & 8 teachers)

  2. Two-Story Classroom Block with 8 classrooms

  3. Sanitary Toilets of the highest quality

  4. Safe Water Supply for handwashing and drinking

Shalom Home Learning Space

The current temporary spaces used at Shalom to help provide instruction to children

Phase 1 Primary School Block

This two-story building  will reduce overall costs and provide the safe and focused place for children to participate in creative and new methods of learning.


The construction is slated to begin March 1, 2023 if we are able to secure funds by the end of January.

BTR will be revolutionary compared to other schools in Karamoja and be known for its outstanding quality of child-centered education


The school will be run by Shalom and offer the opportunity to provide students with the mix of classroom and play time as well as a curriculum that blends Ugandan standardized testing with innovative teaching methods. Teachers will be specially selected and trained on new teaching styles and supportive instructional tools and methods. The entire school complex will be safe and nurturing with a garden surrounding the buildings and study facilities that are well lit with natural light.

Build-out Timeline and More Details


There will be three phases in all, with the final phase eventually providing space for 350 students. The school will be constructed on currently vacant land next to and owned by Shalom Children’s Home. The land is currently fenced and divided by a small access road. Surveys will be conducted as part of Phase 1 construction to determine the actual land area, access opportunities, and support the design of the building layout.

Help the children of Karamoja experience the transformation they can be!

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